I am owed back child support in Kansas from my ex

by Anon
(Overland Park)

He has a bench warrant out for failing to show up in court, hasn't paid since July 2009 and I have SRS on he case and still nothing has happened. What are my options? Christmas is right around the corner and would like it to be special for my child.

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child support
by: Anonymous

Dont you work to make christmas special for your kid. The money may come in handy, but there isn't much you can do till the court gives you a court date and he shows up.

by: Anonymous

get a job! do it on your own!get 2 jobs put her in day care and GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to work

not the point
by: Anon

I do work - that isn't the point. A father who hasn't paid child support in close to 2 years, should be listed as a felon, have a credit score of 495 and be highlighted on a deadbeat dads website (that goes the same for dead beat moms)

wat about the dad
by: Anonymous

Wat about when the dad has the kids do u give him money to do something fun with the kid way. Would u want the daddy of you kids to have a felony wat kind of job can he get then. That just goes to show its not about the kids it all about you just like u have bills the dad's have bills to they a house to so we they with the kids they have somewhere to go no one thinks about to dad

You sound like a fool
by: Anonymous

Clearly this idiot i am following up behind is a dead beat dad himself. Well buddy here is the simple truth. Moms and dads both should work but when a man just runs off and leaves the bastards behind him that he creates he is not only a waste of space but a parasite in our world! I hate men like that with passion.

They rank right up there with rapists and murders in my book. I say liquidate the assets, take their taxes and if they refuse to work throw their dead beat asses in jail and see if it changes their minds about things. If they have more than one child with more than one woman they are behind in supporting then castrate the worthless piece of shit!

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