I Am Having A Hard Time Enforcing My Child Support Order

by Denise Moorey
(Oakland Cty, Michigan)

My x-husband owes over $34,000.00 in back child support and continually only pays maybe $50.00 a month, when he pays anything at all, which is much lower than the child support order. I have requested show cause hearing after hearing but can't seem to get anywhere with the referee. My x-husband recently moved from Michigan (which is where I reside with my children) to Florida and won't get a job on the books because he knows they'll take support out of his check. So he works for cash and claims to FOC that he doesn't have a job and they keep letting him get by with that. And his arrearages only keep getting higher, with my children having to do without. Can I sue him on my own for back support since I am not getting help from FOC? Can FOC put out a warrant for him in Michigan even though he lives in Florida? How can I get them to do that?

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More info
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Denise,

We are sorry for troubles with not receiving your full child support. We need to know what FOC stands for, and we are assuming that referee is just another term for case worker. Please let us know, so we can better assist you.


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