I am done and want to give up my rights

by Dan O

We were married for almost ten years and were separated for the last 6 years we were married. I had the children while she was in the same city sleeping with a woman. She didn't come and see the children unless I would make her. It was really hard on the kids and I but we dealt with it. I tried really hard to keep our family together and even made the mistake of letting her and her girl friend move in with me and the children. After 9 months I could not take the situation and I left her with the children. Mind you when I left the children I gave her the address I would be at and my cell phone number.

In the year and a half between I left and when she filed for divorce she lost custody of the children for six months for neglect and child endangerment. She nor the state called me. I have tons of paperwork where she lied to the doctors of the children stating that they saw me every week and that I was a major part of their lives and still resided in the state of Indiana.

When I moved I gave her my new address and still had the same phone number. I have tons of medical paperwork on the kids showing that she was over medicating them and doctor shopping in order to get the kids diagnosed with ADD ADHD and a number of other things in order for them to qualify for disability.

I know that at least one of them is on disability now. She we finally split she has moved almost ten times and jumps between Kentucky and Indiana. I have moved three times in five years and have been at my current residence since 2008. When we got the divorce she was not even a legal resident of the state of Indiana where it was granted and by the time it was final I had spent thousands of dollars I didn't have on trips to be seen in court and to gather the information on the children.

I even found out that our oldest son Skylar was being housed in his 4th residential facility because she was tired of dealing with him. I was given visitation once a week on Saturday for 2 hours in order to get the two hours with my children I had to drive 400 miles one way. Which I can not afford. She has moved twice in the state of Kentucky since 2009 and at least three times in Indiana in the last year. I do not get to talk to my children on the phone because she does not allow it. Anything I send them she sends back. I was in Indiana one time and had three hundred dollars worth of school supplies and stuff for the children. I went by her mothers house to drop it off so the children would get it and then she called me and told me I had no right to come to Indiana.

Last time I checked it is a free country. Recently a friend of mine called to tell me that I have a warrant for my arrest for failure to appear. The court system had my correct address from when I was divorced however she changed it to a local address. I have thought about it long and hard and I would rather just give up my rights now and be done with her. The children I will answer to them when they are older. This is not a decision that I have taken lightly but I am tired of putting myself through whatever hoops she thinks of. What do I do?

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