I Am Being Railroaded By Georgia Child Support

by Stuck
(Atlanta, Georgia)

Half of my paycheck was being taken out for a child that I never laid eyes on. CSE claims someone signed for a notice at an address I told them I did not live at. I was incarcerated at the time. They asked me to prove that I did not live there and I did. I took a paternity test and the child was not mine. CSE closed the case before I even sent proof of paternity.

I want my money back. I have two kids that I was paying child support to their mothers and behold I looked on the portal and CSE says I have old cases one from 1999 and the other 2004. It says that I have large arrears. I am trying to figure out how did they come up with the arrears and the support order amounts. I am trying to get clarity on why one of my kids receives more than the other. Child Support practices illegal and unfair tactics. What am I to do?

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Quick Question Before We Give Our Advice
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Stuck,

Sorry for the delay. Have you contacted your case worker to ask for a summery print out all your records and payment history? Let us know.


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