I Am A Victim Of Child Support Fraud

My ex girlfriend decides to take me to court for child support for our 3 month old baby. The only reason why she filed was because I initially filed for visitation and parenting time mediation. Our child was not even 2 months old when she filed for child support. I have receipts and logged visits of me spending quality time with my first born son. I was there trying to be a part of his life since the day he was born.

My ex is very controlling. I would bring items over the house such as diapers, milk, clothes, bedding accessories, etc. and she would tell me "he doesn't need anything, he has everything he needs." I asked her well what does he need then? I want to be supportive for his needs. She says, well I need $250 every other week to cover expenses and bills such as the electric and water bill. Mind you my ex lives with her mother (who is retired) along with her brother and his girlfriend and their daughter. Their house is paid for and her father is deceased. She has no real bills her only responsibility is our child.

Me on the other hand has bills, a mortgage, ect. but was still willing to provide whatever help she wanted. I started giving her money (in a check form) for $250 as requested. But that wasn't good enough. On July 9th she falsely got me arrested on a domestic issue at my residence during a visit with my son. That case was thrown out in court due to lack of evidence, witnesses, etc.

My next court date was child support. I got HAMMERED!!! I showed the hearing officer my proof of wanting to support my son with ALL receipts and checks given to my ex. Since there was no visitation set (due to me waiting to late to file because U have to amend shared custody. 14 business days before court date which i didn't know) The hearing officer asked for my pay-stubs but NOT hers. She merely blurted that she makes $24/hr as a LPN nurse. No pay-stubs were shown. i work as a corrections officer and the hearing officer took my latest up to date figure and divided by the number of weeks back to January. Of course that included all holiday pay and overtime. $716/ month is what they slapped me with!!! Totally unfair!!! She lied about her earnings and stated she was breast feeding and nursing so i couldn't get overnite visits. She told the hearing officer that she never denied me seeing my son, but since she's breastfeeding our son can only stay at her residence.

My son has only been to my residence 3 times and every time she was present and only stayed for an hour or so each visit. I had to go to a judge to get "temporary" visits after this huge blow. Also a court order was put in place for her to show pay-stubs from 2009/2010 and W2. All she wants to do is NOT go back to work and be a stay at home mom living off of me. She is using the child and the system to punish me since our breakup. I think the court system in NJ is unfair and totally biased towards deadbeat dads who don't want to be there for their child. I've been wanting to be a part of his life since before he was born. She is miserable and wants me to be miserable by controlling my life through our son.

I only see my son temporarily for 6 hours a week from what the judge ordered. 12-3pm on fri-sat which are my days off. I have two parents who are both retired and would love to see and take care of their grandson anytime!!!

My lawyer motioned for an appeal to the entire support hearing. It was so unfair. And now even with my visits she LIES still about breastfeeding stating that if he gets hungry during my visit to bring him back!! I said NO provide a bottle for him!! She is so unfair and its ashamed how people abuse the system for their OWN fortune.

E.D.- NJ

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Thanks so much for sharing. Your post will help other visitors in the same situations.


I think that's ridiculous
by: Anonymous

My ex husband and I have been separated for almost a year now, I've tried to be considerate, so during the divorce I asked for nothing, I am now living with my parents again, I do not get to have my daughter with me everyday because he says I do not make enough money to provide her the things he can, so as of now we have split custody. However he always leaves the baby with his mom while he goes to Queens everyday with his girlfriend. He has yet to give me a penny for child support, and yet he claims that he already filed all the paper work we were supposed to. I wish my ex was a little like and want to spend some quality time with our daughter.

I've been frauded and extorted. Please help.
by: Anonymous

I don't know what to do. My son's mother my son and I, all lived together during the first six years of his life. I supported the family mostly with his mother holding a job periodically. when my son was six months old I was served with a child support order. we lived at the same residence the whole six years.

I also supported her during pregnancy. She received welfare while living with me and being supported by me. when I asked her to stop, she threatened to take my son away. She told me she would fix it when I threatened to tell on her. She never fixed it. They now take $560 out of my check a month. Even with this amount they take the total keeps increasing.

I've paid $560 a month for the last four years and my balance is at $18,000 and increases about $1,100 every four months regardless of the $560 a month I pay. I went to welfare office, told them. I also filed a fraud complaint 5 months ago and I have heard nothing back as of current. I need for this to be resolved or at least not increase. can someone please help me. lawyers respond to bladican9@gmail.com

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