Husband Found Out About Another Child

by Lola
(Grafton, OH, USA)

My name is Lola and my husband recently found out he has another child from before we were married. This is in addition to the one we know he has already. He already pays 54% of his gross income to the mother of his first child. How will this new mother be paid? Will the first mother's support order go down because there is another child in the mix? Or will my husband be required to give nearly all of his paycheck to child support? He only makes $500 a month and pays $268. How will this work?

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Another Child
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Lola,

Actually the amount the first mother gets will be lowered. Legally in the state of Ohio child support can only garnish 64% of income. Having another child can decrease the amount. Have the modification papers been requested? Has a Child support case been opened for the new child?


by: Anonymous

Since the first mother is getting 54% and up to 64% can be deducted from his child support, the other mother will get 10% since paternity was established after the order. A new child may not guarantee a lowered support payment in Ohio.

The only time a child support order can be modified is if there is more than a 10% deviation in income from when the order was first established... meaning, in order for the first baby momma's support order to be lowered, your husband's income would have had to change and his having another baby is not taken into account.

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