Husband Ex Wife And Medical Insurance

(akron, ohio)

Hi you just answered my question about me and my rights if my husband's ex had the right to sue me for child support and medical expenses. thank you so much for taking the time. i really appreciate it! i also thought of another question maybe you could help me on. like i had mentioned before my husband is waiting to see if he will get ssi benifits. but he was telling me things of the past. in the divorce arrangement he is also responsible for half medical bills and to have his son on his medical insurance.

Well when he did have a good job at least 5-6 years ago he went and added his son to his insurance like he is suppose to. she demanded that he take him off because he can get better insurance from his step-father. i am not trying to get over on anything. we have been doing everything by the book. the sad thing is my husband doesn't have a relationship with his son because she won't let it happen.

I just want to know if he isn't on my husband's insurance because she won't allow it then does he still pay half the medical bills and also shouldn't she report this to child support that their son isn't on his insurance because she doesn't want him to be? thanks again for taking the time to answer.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Yes he will still be required to pay his portion of the medical bills as is court ordered. If he chooses to not have him on the insurance then he will still have to pay. If it is ordered for him to carry insurance then he is in contempt for not doing so. Also you may want to contact your caseworker at child support and explain your situation.


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