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I got a child support order last year for my on. I signed his birth certificate an an affidavit when he was born. I recently found out through testing that the child is not mine. My son is 14 months old. Has my name and I love him very much. I am the only father he knows. The mother noes who the father actually is. Can I stop the order for support but still be his "father". I have and will take care of him, by my choice. The mother agreed to give me legally custody to stop the order and she did, but now wants to change her mind because my son lives with me 5 days a week and with mom on the weekends. But the mom does not want my girlfriend around the baby.

We do not live together. She says she will just let everyone no I am not his father. This is not fair to my son or me. I am the only father he knows. His mother had a bad childhood without her dad in her life, She was in foster-care for a while. She is very bitter. I feel she she should be happy for her son that he has a dad and family that love him. I previously paid support but just got it stopped because of the "custody change". What can I do not to lose him but not pay court ordered support.I have always taken care of him and would not stop. That is not how I was raised by my father.

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear James,

Without legal custody of the child there is nothing that you can do. You have no legal rights to the child in question. It is very sad when we hear these types of situations. If you obtained legal rights then you would be required to support him financially as well.


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