How To Prove You Paid Child Support

by kelly

My parents have been divorced for 9 years. They decided to live together after the divorce because neither could afford the house on their own. Recently, my mother decided to sue my father for 9 years worth of child support. My dad did not pay her via check each month, he just paid for all the bills for the house and us kids, and put money in a joint checking account for her to use.

How can he prove he paid for all these things? Will he still have to pay her all the child support payments since he did not give her a check every month? Will proving he paid all the bills be enough? My mom has never paid for anything, even though the divorce states that she should pay for half of the children's medical and school related bills.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Kelly,

Your father will have to prove that he and your mother still lived together. With proper documentation it will look very convincing to a judge that she may be trying to play the system. Are they currently still living together?


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