How to Move Child Support To Another State

My divorced was finalized in October 2010 after almost 4 years of legal separation (my ex wife and I just could not agree). When the divorce was originally filed I was temporarily assigned to San Diego, Ca attending a school as I was serving on Active Duty in NAVY (March 2007). My ex wife was only in the State of California for 2 months when she filed for divorce (we have 3 minor children). She is a legal resident of Kentucky and I am a legal resident of Florida. Her and the children only remained in California for a few short months after the petition for divorce was submitted. California issued temporary child support based on San Diego cost of living as well as her having no income at all.

I was then permanently assigned to a Naval Vessel in August 2007 in Norfolk, VA. My ex-wife and 3 minor children moved back to the state of Kentucky around June 2007. When the marriage was finally dissolved in October 2010 my child support was determined to be $2,200 per month which I can not afford. This amount is based on San Diego cost of living and she lives in a small country town in Kentucky (for the past 4 years) with the children. Her cost of living is no where close to San Diego's cost of living. In the mean-time she has earned her Bachelor's degree which greatly enhances her ability to earn. I am completely committed to taking financial care of my 3 minor children however, I do not think it's right that I am paying so much money that I can barely eat. Why should she be getting child support based on the cost of living of one of the most expensive cities to live in the country? I would like to have the child support moved to the State of Kentucky where her and all 3 minor children reside and have resided for the past 4 years.Please help me as I am desperate... All I want is fairness...

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