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How To Lower Child Support

How to lower child support is a question our team members often receive here at CSA. There are a couple of factors to determine the eligibility of this question.

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Most states have a three year time frame in which a non-custodial or non-residential parent can request a modification through the enforcement agency. You can contact your case worker to see if you are eligible if you are not sure.

The above reference is simply one way to lower orders. The second reason to request a modification is when there has been a significant change in income for either party. Once this happens a request to modify an order can be submitted as long as you are in the three year time frame or whatever time window your state requires. Again contact your case manager for details.

In certain situations this may become a legal matter if your case worker does not respond to your request. This also applies when a divorce has taken place. If either is the case a judge or magistrate will make a decision on your child support case. Be sure to keep your attorney informed of your employment and financial situation to avoid any mishaps in court. The last thing you want is the opposing party to mention something the judge wasn’t aware of regarding your finances or job status. This will make you look terrible in court and can dramatically affect the outcome of your case.

If you were never married but need to involve the courts regarding lowering child support payments you can do so without a lawyer. Simple follow your courts procedures and file a motion to modify an order. In order to do this you must be organized and ask questions from court personnel on how the process works. Also before your court hearing, be sure to have a "recent" copy of your child support payment records. You should be able to request this information from your case manager.

So consider all the information above before requesting to modify your order. Have your ducks in a row if you decide that you want to move forward on this matter. We also recommend that you speak with the other party and discuss this matter with them if all possible. This can avoid tension, animosity and anger when they receive papers in the mail. If you need additional information on how to lower child support payments please check out our modifications page.

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