How to get my ex-husband to pay Child Support


My ex-husband has decided he isn't going to pay his Child Support anymore. The last payment was made in August. So, I am trying to find out if there is something I can do besides taking him to court.

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MOther or the Year (NOT)
by: Anonymous

Maybe if you didn't move off with his son and not let him have any contact or tell him where you moved to and just maybe if you didn't brainwash that child into going by your current husbands name since 2005. He would be able to pay his child support and be the father he wants to and deserves to be.

Some of the situation, is what it is because of your own actions. Your son has a father, grandparents, stepsister, and stepmother who also love him and your son has the right to know them as much as anyone in your family.So step-up and take some responsibilty for what you have done.

I second the Mother of the year comment
by: Anonymous

What kind of mother leaves her son home alone in the middle of the night to sneak around and screw someone's husband the first chance she gets when her husband is out of town? Deborah McFarland from Blum, Texas that's who!!! This lying, cheating, ugly, old, fat, morally bankrupt whore of a person needs to pray for God's forgiveness for her sins but I highly doubt she has the moral or spiritual compass to guide her in the right direction anymore. That's my opinion! I pray that her child's father can be in loved in his life because she sure as hell isn't setting a good example for him. I pray for him....

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