How To Get Child Support Every Month

by Brandy
(Marietta, OH, USA)

I have two children with my ex husband. My ex husband had my children for a while, in which I started owing him child support. Then once I got my children, the support order was reversed and set for him to pay me. This was done in West Virginia.

Well, since I still owed him back child support, he didn't have to pay for a while. It basically just wiped my slate clean and gave him time. Well, we both are now in Ohio and I filed for child support in June of 09 and he supposedly has a withholding on his military pay for the national guard.

He also has another support order from another child)Well, my Ohio case worker has spent almost a year trying to have my case audited (which is a bit ridiculous to me) from West Virginia and to have it moved to Ohio. Meanwhile with his withholding (which is supposed to be a little over $300 a month) I have been receiving sporadic payments. In a year I may have received a total of $400.

I get $8 one month, $100 another month, maybe $25 the next. I am getting quite frustrated and I keep getting the same story over and over again "at least he is paying something" and "we are still trying to get it audited". According to the 1-800 line for Ohio he is currently $5,153.00 in arrears.

The thing is, my children actually need the money for clothes. We are below the poverty level and it would be nice if we could get regular payments. Is there anything else I can do? I have about given up on getting help from the support agency.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Brandy,

Have you talked to your caseworker about his drivers license being suspended?
Your caseworker can order that.


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