How To Find A Form For Motion For Hearing

A girl that works for me, had a court hearing last Fri, @ 8:30 AM. She had to call the child support office and have them fax a notice of hearing to her probation officer so that she could go to a different county. So she was going, and I was taking her. but we had a blow out on my truck, and we live in the forest, so there is no stores, and no service for cell phones, So when we finally got going again and in service she called the clerks office. They said no need to go now he is on the 10:30 docket. you will have to call back this after noon, and I will tell you what happened.

Well let me go back, her ex- that was in court had called her and told her that they had to go to court, as she was not served. because she was behind in paying, but he did not want to go on with this as they are getting back together. Well he tried to tell the judge that they were getting back together and looking for a place to live. THe judge said "SAVE YOUR BREATH" and issued a pick up warrant w/1,000.00 purge. So we are trying to find a form so that we can type a Motion to ask for a rehearing, and explain what happened. I have looked everywhere for a form and cannot find one. Thanking you in advance.

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You will have to call down to your local county family clerk or courts and ask for the proper forms. They can give you the website where they will be located or else you can go directly down to the court and pick them up.


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