How Much Will Child Support Change

by Shawn
(Idaho )

I have been paying child support for over 4 years now. my oldest son is about to turn 18 , and he was with me, my two youngest children are with her she has them 80 percent of the time. I make around 35000 and she makes at least 40000. I have been wondering, what my child support will go up i have the insurance though my work so she pays none of that I have have been layed off and not getting all my wage and i don't now if its going to turn around or not my w2 2 shows that i made about 18000 last year. She has not been layed off. based on those figures of me making 35000 and also the 18000 could you please tell me how much i should have to pay thank you

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Child Support

Hi Shawn,

Depending on the state you live in is the amount you will pay. You can research online for child support calculators and get a rough estimate of how much you should pay. Have you tried applying for a modification?


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