How Much To Pay For Two Children


I have an eight year old daughter that I have been paying child suppprt on for the past five years. I Pay the standard amount as outlined in the AR child support guidelines tables based on my income with no extra consideration being given to either parent. I remarried and and divorced and now have another son to start paying support on. I didn't hire a lawyer. I agreed to pay suppprt according to the same AR guidelines and tables that I use for my daughter. NOW I'm not sure how much to pay on each one.

I plan to hire a lawyer soon but I can't afford one now. I am providing health insurance for both at my expense through my employer and I've lost my dependents for tax purposes. Sixty two percent of my gross pay goes towards taxes, insurance, and child support. I have been paying my second ex wife the same amount of child support as my first until I know the correct amount.

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member


You must request a modification for the first case. You will get a deduction for having another child. Have you requested a modification in the last 36 months?


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