How Much Child Support To Pay

by John
(Round Rock, Texas)

I was divorced on January 29, 2008 in Williamson County, Texas. My ex-wife filed on her own without an attorney and we went to court, both without legal representation. The court documents say that I am to pay $300 per month per child. Further down in the divorce papers it states I should pay $75 weekly for child support for my son. Since the divorce, I have had 3 jobs and my employers have filled out the paper work to have the support withheld from my check. Sometimes it is more than $75 a week. I was layed off and have been on unemployment. The support that they withheld was more than the $75 a week again. Now I have a new job. I want to make sure that the $75 a week is taken out of my paycheck. The $75 a week is sometimes more than $300 a month. Is there a form I need to give to my employer to make sure this happens. I don't know if I am supposed to pay $75 a week like the papers say or $300 per month. I was told by a friend that Texas law is 20% per child. I am very confused.

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Child Support Questions
by: CSA Staff

Hi John,

What you can do is take your orders down to the child support office and have them explain to you what is going on. You should also go to the payroll office at your job and find out what exactly they are ordered to garnish from your check.


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