How Long Does It Take For Child Support


-t has been 8 weeks since my daughter applied for child support and her nothing. She called today and her case worker told her 8 more weeks. How long does it usually take for a normal decision to be made on support?

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Deborah Jackson(grandma)
Kristina Jackson (mother)-

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by: Anonymous

I filled out the paperwork to open a child support case while i was stil in the hospital after delivering my son. They did not order a paternity test until after my sons 3rd birthday. The worst part is that his only had to start paying starting the date the paternity test results came back(hello he was still the dad from day 1) so I lost out on 3 years worth of support. But i did not call n haslle them once in those 3 years. Im gonna assume that given the economy you cant afford to wait that long so my suggest is call all the freaking time and ask to check on the status of you case. tell them you at least want paternity established. do not leave them alone or you will get screwed like I did.

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