How do you vacate a child support order

by christopher taylor

Hello. Back in 1989 i met a woman. I was 18 senior in high school getting ready to go into the Navy. She became pregnant. I went into the Navy not knowing she's pregnant. Years went by needless to say i was ordered to pay support of 100.00 week! I wasn't aware of this until 5 years later and several thousand dollars in arrears. I finally found out when i came home from CA. I never received an order to pay or a summons to court. The letter came to my prior address in NJ, and to boot was signed by an individual other than myself. So the county started enforcing it when they found out i was home back in NJ. I was running from this for a long time scared not mature enough to realize the depth of the situation!

Fast forward to 2010, i finally grew up and went threw the courts to get her emancipated at age 20. Meanwhile my arrears were $90.000 dollars. I petitioned the courts and they dropped it to a $40.000! However after researching this topic i found out several violations of the support laws. With one of them being it's against the United States Code to enter a default order against a service member without his knowledge. Also the amount figured wasn't with any of my financials because i wasn't there. So i filed pro se, to the courts to be heard. I was scheduled a court date,1 day before hearing courts call and say i don't have to go i will get something in the mail. I got it! a letter saying: this court must respectively decline from entertaining fathers contentions. Father has failed to provide the requisite certification setting forth any factual basis to enable court to make determination.

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