How Do You Fight The Child Support Enforcement

by ML

O.K. I wrote in earlier and gave a brief description of my situation. I noticed you stress to people not to go through the child support enforcement? When my ex- and I divorced 10yrs ago, we had the child support drawn up in our divorce which we both agreed upon.

I have paid with-out any arrears, but I have been so confused- on how she was able to go to her local child support agency(NC) and have a modification done and now it is thru the system, ordered to be taken out of my paycheck ect..

I am suffering now because they look at the custodial parents income and I have to pay her difference (because she only wants to work part-time) she is remarried by the way her husband pays out $600 for his child support. So how was I sucked into being forced to pay and deal with the child support enforcement people?.

When I first got notification that she filed to have the child support go thru NC instead directly thru her their affidavit showed I was in arrears $100. I called put up a fuss showed them all of my money orders proving there was no arrears, then suddenly she gets it modified from $200-$613?

I had no money for an attorney so I was at their mercy. I don't think this was on the up and up. Please advise. The child support program is set up for NCP to fail and I feel like the don't care that I have never been a dead beat dad. I can't even get help to see my children(bad-mouthing from other parties).

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The Exact Same Thing Happened To Me!
by: Anonymous

I was paying directly to my ex. One day my motor blew. I was unable to pay at that time. When ever i try to call her, she never will answer the phone. So when the one daughter she lets me see was on a week end visit, i ask her too tell her mother my situation so that she would know that i would need a month to catch up on the missed payment.

My daughter then informed me that her mother was mad and already filed a court hearing. The system is being abused! Also the judge threatened to jail me for asking if i could speak!! This is all true.

In my state of VA, i can not ask for a court hearing. The child support agency has to. And they ask for your info to decide how much you owe. They tell you one amount then 6 months later they almost double it.

I go to talk to the division of child support. They tell me i have to talk to the judge. Mean while i have to wait till they decide i owe too much. They basically told me the law states after going to court for child support i have to wait 3 years!!!

Mean while i owe double. Back pay is building up in the thousands. Now they sent me a nice letter saying that they are taking a lean on my car because i owe over $6,000!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TO THEM!!!!

Affadavit of Arrears
by: Anonymous

I pay child support in NC but I live in SC. I was ordered to pay child support to the NC Child Support Enforcement Agency. Somehow, SC claims I owe over $5000, but according to NC, I'm only $800 in arrearages. I pay an additional $15 a month to pay down the arrearages, according to NC order.

Now, I try to get in contact with an official from NC and can never get anyone to return my calls. The same for SC. The purpose is to get an Affidavit of Arrears sent from NC to SC because SC is saying I have not paid support since 2010, which is not true. NC shows that I am current as far as payments.

The money is withheld from my income each pay period. I have tried several avenues and nothing seems to work. SC is attacking me when all NC has to do is show proof. When I print off the proof from the NC payment page, it's not valid, yet no living soul will assist me.

It Goes Bad For Some Moms Too.
by: Anonymous

I have 3 children with my ex. I tried to be nice at first and give him joint custody with no child support. That worked for a couple months while he had a girlfriend that liked the kids. Then they broke up so he just stopped seing them all together. So with no help from him at all for over a year, I finally decided to take him for full custody and child support that took about six more months to get it into to court. Then tells them he has no job so they set his support as if he was working a minimum wage job.

So he decided not to even pay that for over another year. So they drug him in court a couple times over arrearages so he would pay about like 100.00 the day of court to keep him out of jail.Finally he has a job as a truck driver still never seeing the kids. So I take him to court to get his payments adjusted to his income and they lowered it. So he is ordered to pay 415.00 a month for 3 kids, no medical, no clothing, no nothing.

So going on 4 years now he is over 10,000.00 in arrearage and still doesn't help with them or see them. And my job requires me to travel so I have to pay child care. The court is not allowing that on my expenses because of their ages 16, 15, and 11. I don't know what kind of parent would leave kids these ages alone for weeks at a time. BUT I'M NOT!!!!!! So the system sucks for both sides.

Just Do The Same?
by: Anonymous

Do the same. Get a part-time job, and get on welfare, after all they don't care. Until it happens to them... its crazy, its all about money. Its not about the kids.

Something Needs To Be Done About The Child Support System
by: Anonymous

I am in a similar situation as a lot of you. I have my son pretty much 50% of the time. I buy all his clothes and pay for anything else my son needs or wants. My ex-wife decided to quite her job (she got herself fired by a no call, no show for work) she opted to get a child support order and I had to go and show how much I make to a case officer.

I make decent money and because of that they tell me I need to pay her 618/month. Someone please explain how that is fair? I do more then my part in raising our child. I have to drive him to school and pick him up after if I want him with me. That's 36 miles round trip. Each time. Almost 400 miles a week. I don't complain because I want to be a part of my child's life.

I just don't see why I'm paying her for something that's her responsibly. What does a 10yr old child need that much money for anyway? He has no bills, no real expenses, nothing. Something has to change with the current system.

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