How Do We Get Our Family Together

by Joanna

Our Family

Our Family

My husband Joe had a little girl (H) 12 years ago. She was his first love. He was in her life for the first few heartbreaking years. She even lived with him for sometime. He (nor her mother) were in good times of their life. They were both drug addicted. Joe ended up doing a year in jail for non-support. He was released in 2004, and began to build his new (sober)life again...but without his daughter.

He was now living with an aunt & uncle of hers. Her mother lost permanent custody of her when she was pulled over with H and drugs in the car. The Aunt& Uncle she was living with after that were physically and emotionally abusing her. She was told her father was a monster. She would hid in closets when someone came to her door in fear that she would not see her mother again if she saw her Dad. (a lie from her mother). She only seen her mom briefly since thanksgiving...missing her b-day and Christmas.

She was forced to scrub floors with her bare hands for hours. In 2008, another Aunt & Uncle became aware of the abuse and were awarded custody of H. They are great people. Since then, for the first time in 9 years and even that she can remember, she got to see her Dad, met her step-mom and little brother. We had a wonderful time together..we felt complete. Truth be told, my husband was not good on his child support. Last July, (3 months before he met H again) he was arrested for flagrant non-support.

He is now under 5 years probation and an ankle bracelet (that doesn't even work and they still charge him money every day that could be going to his child support!) until July in Kenton County. Bottom line in this whole situation, H wants to live with us, her dad, me and our son - her 3 year old brother who adores her. She LONGS for a family. She is so excited that her Dad is not who her mother said he was. The entire court side of this is crazy - has many kinks and most importantly not focusing on the right aspect of this case - a 12 year old girl who just wants a family to call her own.

I have written the judge a letter. I don't know how to get anyone's attention in focusing clearly in this case. My husband and I lead a faith & love filled life - we are good parents. I feel called to be a mother to this little girl before its too late... every teenager needs a Mom. Please help.. How do we get custody of her?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Joanna,

The best thing to do is to contact Childrens Services and get them involved. Explain that you want to care for the little girl. Is CYS involved in the case?


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