How Do I Stop My Child Support In New Jersey

by ashley connor
(new jersey)

Me and my child's father were separated for a short time but have now been back together living in the same house for some time. while we were separated i was receiving state help and they were the ones who insisted i bring him to court for child support. so i did. my question is now that we are back together how do i get the child support payments to stop..who do i need to talk to or go to for filing proper paperwork?

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Child support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Ashley,

Your situation is tricky. If you are still receiving assistance then you cannot stop child support. If you are not receiving assistance than you should contact your caseworker and ask about waiving support. Since a case has been open you may actually have to go to a judge and try to fight it. You have a 50/50 chance of getting it stopped. A judge may not agree to order the case closed. Are you positive that this is the best decision for your child?


by: Anonymous

whatever choice i make will be made with her best intrest in mind. i just didnt know what direction to be pointed in..thank u!

Couple is now married and no support received from state
by: Anonymous

What about if the child support has been stopped the couple is now married but the payments are still being taken out out of the pay?

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