How do I stop a child support order?

by Jhon
(Canton, Ohio)

Please help, how do I stop services?

Hello, first off I am an obligee in a child support case. I was wondering how I would go about getting child support
terminated? We are both equally involved with our children. Both have been
remarried and all four of us work together in raising our children, the
girls have a home over there as well as here, they take the children to
half the Dr.Appts, get half the clothes, as well as anything else our
children need. We have a shared parenting order in place in which we asked
for under mutual agreement but we just go by what works for us and the
girls. We have never had an issue about who was going to have them this day
or that day. We both also have another child with our spouses and I just
don't think its necessary to ask for support when we are both equally
involved. Arrearages are owed due to inability to pay and in my eyes I just
don't see the need to go through all this, it makes life harder on the
girls because it causes financial struggle on that end. So basically my
question is are there papers to be filled out or court papers that need to
be filed to terminate child support, Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I am the father and and she is the mother, the order was put in because I still
live in their school district and I really dont want the girls mother to have to
work to pay child support because honestly my wife and I need her to be there
for the girls to go to Dr.Appt's, she does all transportation to extra curricular activities
and to and from both of our homes. Both of our girls have specialists and need her
to be available so she hasnt been working so she can be able to acommidate the needs of our girls and in turn she cant pay
child support she is getting threatened with warrents. Her husband and I
work together so I know they cant make life work and pay me child support. She does
pay half of all kids school clothes, has all clothes room and home for them just as I do but
yet I ask my case worker if I can drop the case and she says she cant??? What is that about?

What is going on? How in the world can't I refuse child support so that we can continue raising our
children the way we are. Its not very often you find a family like ours where they truly have 2 moms
and 2 dads working together to make a wonderful family for our children as we have been. We do birthday
parties together, dinner every other week together and even had Christmas morning together (Im talking our whole family, both moms both dads and all of our children) We have worked
so hard to show the girls thet we are a family and now we are going to have their mother in jail because she has to
choose to see them and make sure they are taken to appointments, school functions. sports, weekends church
and keep a good home for them instead of work everyday to make sure she doesnt go to jail and in turn never have time to do all the appointments, sports, confrences, consulors etc. I make more money
then her husband, he works with me and Im pretty much his boss so i know how much he makes. I dont want their
child support, it will honestly put very hard financial stress on them and there for on our girls when they are with them.
Im sorry I am so long winded I just dont know why this is such a hard task in ohio, you look in other states and it says just write a letter to your case worker and thats that. What do I have to do to stop child support in Ohio? I'm not sure if it's just the case worker or what but
I called and asked her about it and a week later a notice was sent to suspend license, I thought cs was ment to help
families, I ask her to help me get it terminated and she suspends her license, doesnt make sense.

Thank you for reading, I know you are extremely busy but I could really use some advise.

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