How Do I Start A Child Support Order Blue Springs Missouri

by Priscilla Emberton
(Blue Springs, MO)

My ex left me, we are not married but we have a child together she is seven months old and I want full custody and child support. We do not live together anymore, he lives with his parents rent free and he works and he takes care of all of the financial stuff and now that we are not together he is not helping me. He visits her ten hours a week, and I need help. I'm am a stay at home mommy and I'm trying to provide for us but I cant, I have no job. How do I go about getting child support and full custody?

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Dear Priscilia,

You can contact your local child support office and request the paperwork to open a new case. Now as far as full custody goes, that is a legal matter and will require you to hire an attorney and actually go to court to have this established. Does the father want full custody of the child?


Child support and custody
by: Anonymous

Priscilla, is this what you're telling people? You are the one who walked out! You have essentially kidnapped the baby, not letting the father see her any 10 hours per week---are you kidding! You have let him see her twice, and at the police station, falsely stating that you cannot trust for her safety with him alone! Telling the police that sounds like slander to me.

After staying with your former boyfriend's family (when your own family turned you out) for well over 2 years, quitting your job the same week you learned you were pregnant (and not doing a thing since), enjoying his family's beatiful home, free food and rent, having a free car to drive, and knowing his family loved that baby more than anything, you were the one who stormed out of the house and have essentially kidnapped the baby for the past 3+ weeks.

I have never even heard of anyone being so ungrateful! Where was your family all this time? Where do you live? Are you bouncing from place to place among relatives? You have been ignoring phone calls and texts messages, and you seem to no longer live in your mother's crowded apartment (wasn't it 5 adults and the baby living in the apartment?).

Any judge worth his salt will clearly see that these things more than prove that you are an unfit mother, putting you own selfish desire to hurt the father and his family over the welfare of your own daughter. Why should he pay for you to stay home and do nothing (as you have for 16 months) while holding this baby hostage? What entitles you to be a "stay at home mommy" when most other young mothers work? You are obviously getting very bad advice from someone. It's obvious you don't have a lawyer; any lawyer would tell you these actions will make you look terrible in court. I will continue to monitor this website. Be careful what you say. I would have no problem sueing you for liable.

The lost, the loving, and the Liars.
by: Anonymous

Sounds like the father has done everything to provide a good home environment, and gave the baby everything her little heart desired and always will. Did you apperciate anything they did for you? The baby is a pure defenseless child, and you are putting her in the middle of a tug of war. It sounds as if the father's family has provided a home, clothing, and food; they were the caregivers and providers. Do you really think you will get child support for a baby you don't allow the father see and be able to continue to not work? You get what you put in and people get what they deserve. The law works for those who abide by it. It's a shame you have to act so juvenile, your child's future is not a game. How can you expect everyone to sit back and watch her disappear when the ones she lived with saw her everyday since her birth. This is destroying and shattering the hearts of all those who love her, and it is hurting your daughter most of all. I feel very sorry for the father and his family and my heart goes out to them as well as the poor baby. I think it's just another case of a lazy single american mother trying to use her child to get free money. What's wrong with society these days?
May the truth set her free and justice be served for those who are unjust and peace given to those who are rightous and keep thine in truth.

Get over yourselves!!
by: Anonymous

You know I find it quite annoying when people get into other peoples problems!!!! HEllow did I have sex with you and have a baby I think not so mind your own business!!!!

Anonymous annoyance
by: Anonymous

Before you try to refute any comments made by others, at least try to punctuate sentences correctly. I'm embarrassed for you!

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