how do i respond after being served

by Serenity
(Kerrville, TX)

My ex-husband has primary of our two children. In the divorce decree it states that "neither party shall pay child support at this time". I was served papers right before Thanksgiving & my time is running out to respond. I can't find a lawyer who is willing to work a case in the county it was filed in. (we live 72 miles & 2 counties away). I know I need to respond right away, but i don't know how. He still lives in our home that is over 3,000 sq ft & fully paid for. He works for his dad & all his vehicles are paid for. He really doesn't have any bills to pay. He took three family fishing/beach trips this summer, taken his girlfriend to Mexico and continues to ask me for help with the kids. I work 40 hrs a week and attend night school. I pay rent and utilities and other household bills. I make sure the kids have food & clothing and i spend any extra money i have taking them to the movies. Any vacations we take are only weekend trips and they are few & far between. I pay the childrens dental & vision insurance and all out of pocket fees. I've spent over $1,500 on my son's dental care this past summer. And both of them wear eye glasses. The decree ordered him to pay medical, but i'm paying for the other because he won't take them to the dentist and it's the biggest thing I can do for them. I can't afford a lawyer either. I just need help responding before Monday. CAN YOU HELP ME?

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