How do I Reduce Monthly Payments

by Duane

I have 2 other kids ages 8 and 3, My situation is, I think I am paying way too much monthly for the child I am currently paying support to. The 2 children I mentioned here I don't pay support because they live with me and their mother. I need to reduce the amount I am paying.

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Child Support Questions
by: Child Support America Staff

Dear Duane,

You will need to contact your caseworker and request for a child support modification. Have you had a modification within the last 36 months? Is child support aware of your other children?


by: help

put an order on yourself for the kids at your home.have your wife release the arrears once you get too far behind.this will help your credit and when they take out your check you can gaurantee that atleast 51 percent of your money gets back to your house.... you can thank me later...

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