How Do I Put Myself On Child Support System

I am filing for divorce in Texas. My child lives with her mother in Kansas. I am trying to put myself on court ordered child support because it cannot be put in my divorce decree from the state of TX. I need guidance in this matter. I have a lawyer in TX and need to know will it be possible for him to get me a court order for child support for KS or will I or my soon to be EX wife have to do it all?

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by: Child Support America Team Member

We recommend you do a little research on the two states child support system before you make a move. Some states have better laws than others. If you click on the State Laws link to your left, we have information on both states in question. Either way, you will still have what is considered a interstate case. This simply means that two states are involved.

After you research this, try to open the child support case before your ex does. This will speak volumes about your character, in the case something bad happens down the line.

When will your divorce be final? You can respond via this post.


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