How do I prove I paid back child support

by David Marcoux
(Oklahoma city)

I have two children with two different women. i have been paying child support every since they were born. i lost my job back in 2005 for six months i was out of work, when i started back to work Oklahoma dhs held out back child support, in 2008 2009 and 2010 dhs would send me a check for overpayment. just 3 weeks ago i pulled my credit report dhs was listed on there it was on there twice i disputed this saying it should only be on there one time. one balance showed 0 the other was 161.00.

Now after i have been at a new job for 6 months now and paying my child support for these six months it goes up dhs claiming i owe from 2006. during 2006 2007 dhs took my income tax return for this past due child support. I want to pay it if i owe it but i believe i do not owe it because i have already paid it back from my past job. in June of 2010 i lost my job and it was 2 months until i found a job during the first few weeks at the job i am at now they withheld child support for the 2 months i was off. then it went back to normal. how do i prove that child support from 2006 has been paid, if i owed back child support why would dhs send me a check for overpayment in 2008 2009. did disputing this on my credit report have anything to do with it??

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