How Do I Pay Child Support When I Have No Job

by Robbie Usher
(Springfield, MO)

I recently became separated from my soon to be ex-wife. About two weeks after we separated, I began paying child support, on my own with no court order, in the amount of $150 per week. After 4-5 weeks, I reduced it to $98 a week so I would have a little extra money for myself. Up to my court date on the 21st of July, I paid child support on my own. On the 9th of July I lost my job as a police officer. My lawyer tried to get the child support order suspended until I found a job. The judge denied the request. So beginning August 1st, I was ordered to pay a total of $614 a month. Of which $300 is spousal maintenance. I am the unemployed one here. My soon to be ex is a substitute teacher and getting ready to teach a basketball class to little kids. So basically she has 2 jobs and I am having a very difficult time finding 1 job. Yet I get ordered to pay. It is almost September 1st. I will owe another $614. I received a letter from child support enforcement a few days ago stating if I don't pay, they will suspend my license, so I wont be able to drive to work, and they might suspend my license for my occupation.

So I won't be able to go to work and I won't be able to even work the job I love doing. I want my son to be taken care of. I want the best for him. But I just can't pay anything until I get a job. I certainly do not mind paying child support. I think the $300 a month spousal maintenance is a little much, when she is working 2 jobs. I have put in close to 20 applications for jobs ranging from Walmart to Lowe to every police and sheriffs department in and around where I live. The stress is really getting to me. I am very worried I won't get hired at a job that is doing my background check right now because of the child support that I owe. The stress is causing me to have major heart burn. I am eating a bottle of tums a month. I NEED HELP!!

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That Is A Shame
by: Anonymous

Sounds like some of the stuff I have gone through. I tell you what needs to take place is all these fathers and or mothers (mostly fathers thou)that are being abused by the courts need to come together and fight this in Missouri and Kansas. If you interested in speaking you can reach me at


Troy Hull

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