How Do I Obtain Arrearages Based On Medical And Child Care In Clay County Missouri

by Leslie
(Kansas City, NO)

All you need is love!

All you need is love!

In June of 2007, my husband and I were legally separated. For child support, I was awarded $800 base child support plus 87% of all childcare, medical and extracurricular expenses. I registered my case through the state, and they have always tracked the payment of the base. In February of 2010, our case was modified to divorce and our child support changed to $1525 a month with no percentages.

During those 2 1/2 years, I used my entire savings and settlement to pay for the children's medical, childcare on my own with no reimbursement from him. The calculated lump sum from all of my receipts is $8,927.78 unpaid by him. I have decided to submit an application and order for the arrears, fill out with form CV90. He has a TSP and is employed through the Federal Government. My MAIN goal is to have a QDRO for the back support submitted to the TSP and be awarded the amount reported on the CV90.

What documents do I need to present to the CSEA to make sure this is done? So far, I have the following:

CV90 Application and order
FL-460 (this is California's QDRO form. Can I use it in Missouri?)
Copy of my Legal Separation Agreement
A sample QDRO I received from the TSP office in charge of his TSP.
CSE-300 Application for Support Services

What else will I need to take to my local Missouri FSD office? What should I expect?

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What You Can Do
by: Child Support America Team Member

Thanks for your question Leslie. At this point we would suggest you contact a Child Support attorney. Even if it is for a free consultation. Your situation is different because he was ORDERED at one time to pay the % of medical, activities, etc. When he failed to comply with that order he was in contempt of court. Not only can you sue him for those % amounts, (I hope you kept detailed records and receipts of all monies owed!) but he can actually have contempt of court brought against him.

An attorney can best advise you on the exact way this matter should be approached. You will want to have all of your options expressed to you. Have you contacted an attorney regarding this matter? If not please check out our VIP memberships page to your left. We provide a great service for our visitors.


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