How Do I Modify My Child Support Payments


In Oct. of 2009 I lost my kids to my x because I moved 20 miles away and because my kids slept with me some times. At the time we went to court my x knew he was losing his job yet he told the judge he didn't know. Of course 2 weeks later he was layed off. I have 2 children that I pay 948.00 a month child support and still continue to buy their clothes and provide all the insurance for them. how do i get that lowered now that he is living off the government at least until his unemployment runs out. i have always supported my children since they were born and have always carried the insurance on them. He only carried it the 2 years he was working. I have been on my job for 33 years so i hope I'm not screwed on being this guys meal ticket for the rest of my life. i will have my kids for the summer and will still have to pay him child support while i have them. I need some good advice. Thank you

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by: Child Support America Team Member

Thank you for your question. You have two options. The first is you must contact your caseworker and request the forms for a modification. Another option could be that you hire an attorney and have the attorney fight to get you a good modification. An attorney can prove your ex is on assistance and that may help your case. Check out our VIP membership for help in this area.

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never had modification
by: Anonymous

no i was just ordered to pay in oct. of 2009. otherwise i had my kids most of the time.

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