how do I modify my child support court from 8 years ago

by Shannon

I am female my son father and I have been in and out of court for 8 years he was awarded temporary custody about 8 months ago,due to my situation I had agreed. Under the condition that once I got my full-disability,that we would share custody. I'm 45years of age I worked construction for 10years.

Due too an on the job injury,approximately 4 years ago I can no longer work the child support order was based on then I was working construction I went to the legal aid services here in Indianapolis to beg for help, I do have a legal aid attorney although,I get $1056.00 monthly now and nothing else they are giving my sons father $600.00 of my only source of income.He does not want to share custody out of spite. This does not want to work and as long as he has our son and can keep from gong to court.The judge in this matter is unaware that i no longer work. I can not live are survive on $436.00 a month

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