How Do I Modify An Incorrect Child Support Order?

by Christian Brakke
(Huntsville, Alabama)

My wife and I recently went through a divorce. I could not afford to hire an attorney. My wife could and did. I went through a bankruptcy in 2007 and lost everything. My credit is kaput. I lost my family business. We moved twice and I went through 3 sales jobs before getting let go earlier this year. I left my wife and children late last year and had to go on anti-depressants. I suffer from bouts of depression. Losing my job did not help. I gave my wife money when I could. I let her keep everything in the divorce. I wanted her and our twins to have a good life. I was served with a petition for divorce but did not fully read it. I took a job driving a truck in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

I was away in training and missed the hearing. Naturally, I got screwed. My wife overstated my income by more than 100% to the judge. She also claimed "health issues". She has a college degree and was working when I met her. She has a pension. She has a home. I am homeless and living in a truck. I live on food stamps. I have no credit and no money. Now the court is taking 75% of my income. The lawyers I have spoken to all want $2500.00 to $5000.00 to even talk to me. I don't have it. I am desperately trying to figure out how to file a request for modification of an unjust order that leaves me with nothing. I have hit a wall. I just want the support to be fair.

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We are on your side
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Christian,

You might be able to request a modification through Alabama child support. Since you are now a VIP member we will be in verbal communication with you this week about our legal plan for your situation.

Try to relax. We are going to work with you to try to get your situation handled to your satisfaction. Also we emailed you today about your VIP membership. Please let us know that you did receive that message. You can respond via this post.



good luck
by: catherine

i wish christian the best of luck!god speed!!

Hello Catherine
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Catherine,

I believe we thanked you before for responding to various posts. You seem to always provide encouraging words to our visitors. Please continue to do so as you see fit.


by: catherine

thank-you for your kind words.i just did not want christian to continue sleeping in his truck!

Thank you
by: christian

Thanks Doug and Catherine. I will be driving to Tulsa today with a load of steel. Will be hard to respond for a while but I will try. I did not recieve the information on the VIP membership yet, but am certainly looking forward to it. I will try to take it all in stride. Had a very good weekend with me twins. It is good to know help is out there. Everyone is surprised that my wife got alimony, as she is college educated and was working when we met. She retired about 5 years ago and recieves a pension. I was also ordered to pay the life insurance policy with her as the benificiary. Another $100.00 a month.She gets paid when I am alive and when I die. Surprised she did not get my everlasting soul to boot. Sheesh.

by: Anonymous

I was with a woman before and we had a son. Then she started cheating and abusing me, i decided to leave her. Since then i sent money to my son by western union and i still get a child support. I lost my job and i started sending $60 every week, sometimes $50, but i never missed a week, i even borrow sometimes. Now even i don't have a job they forced me to send $75 every week wich is very unfair. Don't we have a right to as men? I know some men deserve it, but not all of em. Today i'm struggling, i can't anymore. What should i do?

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