How do I modify a child support order?

by Dawn R. Tibbetts
(Belleville, Illinois)

August of 2008 my divorce was finalized - I was ordered not only current support of my children but also back support even though he wiped out our accounts of over $10,000.00 and I had proof - the judge based the amount ordered on 2 children, childcare for my son, and my ex paying for the 2 kids insurance with my income guesstimated at $24,000 yearly (I was unemployed due to the divorce.)

By october of 2008 my 16 year old daughter (he legally adopted her when we married) left his apartment and resided with me in Illinois, from then until about 2 years ago. My son has not had any child care since a few months after the divorce was finalized. He dropped my daughter off of his insurance before she turned 18, she procedded to graduated high school while living with me in Illinois and had a baby all on state aide medical while I supported them with a home, clothing and food.

Since then my son has repeatedly asked if he could come and live with me, I have my parents, my daughter, my sibblings, and a lot of family all living in the same vacinity, he has no family even in the state. He moved my son into his girlfriends house over a year ago after my son had only met her twice for a few hours, I had not met her, and informed me of the move as it was happening.

This move made my son live even further away from me and really upset him - he is still very uncomfortable according to what he tells me. My son has even asked me many times to get him a lawyer so he can try to live with me. My income on my new job is only $12,000.00 yearly starting the first of the year, I can't live off of what few dollars might be left after the $780 child support and taxes are taken out. My ex apparently quit his job and started his own company while playing music and getting paid cash and tells my son all the time he cannot afford to buy him cloths or shoes muchless get him a haircut.

I am in debt way over my head with paying almost $800.00 a month to him and still having to do all the extras for my son but I refuse to let my son suffer (I also still do not have a copy of my sons insurance information after asking non-stop)I am the one who took him to the eye doctor and purchased his year supply of contact lens and a new pair of glassed (over $500.00) Obviously I cannot afford a lawyer. Please help me, I am not even sure how to go about asking for help since the divorce was in Missouri and I live in Illinois.

I need this child support modified and my son would like assistance in talking to someone about living with me instead of his dad. Thank you so very much for taking the time to try and decipher this rambling and help me - I am just not sure what else to do. Sincerely Dawn R. Tibbetts

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