How do I have rights terminated?

(Vermont )

I have a 16 month old daughter & her biological dad has not seen her since she was 3 months old when we got into a fight & he got violent & my daughter ended up getting hurt so, i called the police & that was the end of us. Since we broke up he has denied her being his and has had NOTHING to do with her.

He doesn't have to pay me child support because he gets SSI every month. He gave me full custody because he doesn't want the responsibilities and I got married last month, Ava knows my husband as her father & has a great bond with him, I want to know how I got about getting the ex terminated & see how it goes with my husband adopting her.

Also on the birth certificate her biological father is a JR & it doesn't say that on there so it looks as if his father is the dad of my child is that a possible loop hole? Also told that it might help to know I have a restraining order on him for his violence & he is a felon for breaking & entering & petty Larson of firearms. Does this help me?

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Terminating rights
by: Anonymous

If he already signed over his rights there souldnt be much of a problem with your husband adopting your child. I would talk to a lawyer about getting this process started.

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