How do i have child support restarted

My son graduated from high school in Hawaii in may of 2012, but turned 18 in December 2012. i spoke to 4 different child support enforcement agency people who gave me conflicting answers. 2 said that I would have till January 31. 2013 to submit documentation for child support to continue with the name of the college and full time status indicated on the documents.

I then received a letter in November of 2012 from the state of Hawaii child support office confirming that I would need to provide this documentation by 1-31-13. in the beginning of January 2013 i received another letter from the state of Hawaii CSEA stating that as of 1-1-13 the child support order is terminated. I spoke with Lolita in the state of hawaii CSEA office, and she said that all i had to do was fax in the documents and make it attn: Team 3 and it would be reinstated and taken care of.

I called last week to see if my documents were sufficient and was told that they were received, but to call back on Tuesday so that it could be reviewed. i then called today 1-8-13 and spoke with annette who said that because my son didn't continue his education right after high school, that he forfeited having child support collected for him after he turned 18. she spoke with her supervisor who then said yes this is policy. i then told her that i was misinformed by lynette last year, but have conflicting answers from 4 different people in CSEA as well as conflicting letters. She said she would show the documents to her supervisor and call me back after 3pm today.

IN the meantime, i should contact family court to see what needs to be done to reinstate the child support. This wasn't any sort of negligence on my or my son's part, but the state. how can this be fixed?

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