How do I go about all of this

by Nicole
(stow, ohio, usa)

I have a daughter who will be 4 months old the 19th of this month. We just recently went to a hearing for child support which I have not recived any paper work on yet, so I could not contact my case worker to ask her these questions. I have been told by several people that because he is putting her on his insurance that we will no longer be able to use the heathy start? I'm not sure if thats true but if so is there possibly anyway around that becuase her fathers insurance is not very good. I would end up paying for most of the medications out of pocket and paying all of the copays unless he has to cover that? There is also no dental or anything else on his policy. At least with the healthy start I dont have to worry about all of this extra money I'd need to come up with to take her to the doctors. I've had no problems at all with our insurance, everyting is covered even my daughters physical therapy for her neck which otherwise would be very expensive with the fathers insurance because there's a very high copay and only a percentage is covered by his insurance. Her father and I also came up with a schedule monday and wednesday 5:30-8pm.

and either Fridays or Saturdays whichever he prefers. He has been picking her up from my house when he gets off work. He has been borrowing vehicles because out of three of his vehicles he has nothing he can safely travel in with our daughter. He feels that its okay to use a truck but I don't feel comfortable putting her in the front seat, that close to the windsheild and I didn't know if there was a law against that or if it was allowed? This schedule we have been using is all of a sudden not okay with him because it upsets his mother because she feels she needs to see her granddaughter more often and that I'm being very unfair. I looked up a schedule given by the courts, online and was basing his visitation on that. I felt that it was very fair considering his work hours and my babysitting schedule and trying to find a job along with returning to school in January. I feel that at times I have gone out of my way giving pictures and cute little presents and cards of Kamryn for the holidays and I drove all the way home from my aunts house in Cleveland, left my family dinner early on Thanksgiving so him and his family could see her, while I had to go home a sit alone. I try and try and try and it's never good enough so maybe it'd just be best to let the court decide? I dont know how they go about that. I just can't afford to get a terrible schedule on my part, with me trying to do all this and be full-time mom. I know women do it all the time but I just haven't got the hang of it yet, I'm still learning. Hopefully you will be able to give me some insight on the situation and help me out a little. Thank you so much for your time, I appreciate it.

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