How Do I Get The Child Support Im Owed

by Annmarie Moser
(Pipersville, PA USA)

My ex-husband and I went to court in 2005 for him not paying support. He brought mo money and they told him he was going to go to jail that day. He walked out of the conference and fled to Florida. I live in PA. He got in trouble and spent four years in prison. I received some money at the end of his sentence when he was on work release. Now he's been free for a year and I've only got a small portion of my support. He still lives in Fl. I just went to a hearing at the end of April. He didn't show.

He was in PA four days prior to the hearing to see our son. He purposely left the day before. He says that PA can't do anything to him because he lives in another state. He is $28,800.00 behind in arrears. I have full legal and physical custody of our son. Please help me! I struggle everyday just to put food on the table. Any Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!

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Child Support
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi Annemarie,

Thank you for sharing. If there is a warrant for non payment of support he can be arrested even in Florida. Has PA issued a warrant for his arrest?


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