How Do I Get My Court Ordered Child Support

(East Providece, RI)

After 3 yrs of searching for my daughters father he finally took me to court for paternity and of course it came back his 99.9% - now this is after the state was searching for him for 3 years - and after he applied and recieved food stamps from the state...which I do not understand SINCE the sate was the one looking for him and I gave all information to find him...he was just dodging the system for as long as he could.

From what I was told by a mutual friend - he was told to file paternity - this way when it came back his he would not have to deal with back-pay but someone gave him the wrong info because he was court ordered to pay me back pay of $4,000 plus $106.00 weekly - well I got one payment for $105.00 and than the last payment for $100.00. I have not received anything since. In 3 yrs he has only paid twice....and it was just court ordered in July....I need help on obtaining my child support.

My daughter deserves not to be left without because we are only living off of my income which is not much since I pay for all out of pocket and I am not on any type of state assistance at all. I pay for medical through my job and it is expensive for family medical. I am not sure why he is able to get away with this. I can not say I do not feel like paying this week so I wont.

If i did that how would my daughter sleep, eat..etc. I am not sure why he can go on living like this and getting food stamps from the state - receiving stamps when his own daughter does not qualify - how is he able to get away with this? something needs to be done and quick. I need the help so very bad.

He is as of today about $1,500 in areas from current child support and $4,000 in arrears for back-pay. When do they decide to throw him in jail so he understands the importance of child support? he makes money under the table and I believe the state needs to address this - make him get a real job - and take him off of food stamps. he is committing fraud in so many ways. he plays basketball and has basketball jobs in other states but is able to collect stamps in RI? how is that? how can someone - a grown man not have a job in 3years on paper but survive? do you understand what I am trying to say? i know a manager at mcdonalds that will hire him full time - but he will not work there - i say a job is a job - and he needs to take what he can so my daughter is taken care of the way she deserves to be taken care of.

I think jail will put a little common sense into his life and make him face reality - i think food stamps need to be stripped from him and help my daughter out with those food stamps - we are not making it but when i apply for stamps - even though my daughter is disabled - they say i make too much - cuz they go by before taxes and they look at everything separately not as a due to this i do not get day-care, food or medical assistance...something is wrong with this system. Please help!!!! Make this father understand the importance of taking care of a child....

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