How Do I Get My Child Support Case Moved

by Nakia T Simmons
(Marietta, GA, Cobb)

I have two cases but one has already been moved to Georgia, now my second case hasn't been moved because the mother of my kids won't cooperate with me so my question is, how do i go about moving my second case without my kids mother. The first case got moved because I had the cooperation of my sons mother.

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Same as before
by: Child Support America Team Member


You will also need the cooperation of the second mom to get the case moved if she opened the case. The case can only be moved if the primarily residential parent agrees to have it transferred.

Please tell us what state the first case was moved from, and what the process was.


by: Anonymous

Both cases are from Indiana, the one im referring to is still there?

The Process
by: Anonymous

My sons mother moved the case and all she done was signed the proper paper work to get it moved, i guess im just confused on why i would need my other kids mother to move the second case especially if its not to benefit me its to help me deal with my support issue without traveling 8 hours to do so. You see she is just playing with me and she keeps telling me that it can't be done when i know and she knows that it can cause she stays in touch with my sons mother and im sure she told her that it can be done because she already done it, but now the longer i wait the deeper the more trouble its going to become all because she wants me to beg, its just a game to her that im really tired of playing and its also a power thing with her.

by: Anonymous

Ok! With that said, what do you do when the mother is purposely uncooperative?

I'm quite perplexed with the child support laws in the usa. There are numerous fathers who are fighting to have dual rights yet it seems no one is on their side. It amazes me to see the rights so many single mothers have in terms of child support and custody rights and how they can manipulate not only the fathers of their children but the system as well. I don't think most child support cases are judged fairly and in many instances they need to be closely reevaluated.

The name 'child support' should be changed to 'woman support'. Unfortunately, many of these support cases have nothing to do with the children.

I'm a woman and I know many dead beat fathers but I also know a lot of great fathers who would give their children the world yet they don't have the means to fight the system nor do they have anyone on their side. So tell me, who helps them?

So again, I'm curious to know how does this gentlemen who posed the question get help from a woman who is uncooperative?

Sincerely Upset

To last comment
by: Child Support America Team Member

Unfortunately it's just the way the system works. It goes by which ever parent started the case. That's why we tell non-custodial parents to start the case first if possible. It may not be fair, but its just how it is.

So to answer your question, it's really nothing he can do if his ex is not willing to have the case transferred.

Now, our question for Kakia is: What is your child support issue that you need resolved, that you have to drive eight hours for? maybe someone give you some you some advice here. Please share your situation if it's not too personal.


Child Support
by: Anonymous

Your case will now be considered an interstate case. It is best if she signs the papers now. If she doesnt Georgia can not do any legal actions to you because your case is in Indiana. If she wont sign them I would go to the local Child support office and give them all your new information in Georgia and they will send it Georgias child support (which is a joke) My ex didnt pay child support in 3 years so they closed the case. Good Luck

Upcoming child support modidficaiton hearing
by: Anonymous

I have similar situation. The case in NC but I live in FL. I am disabled and cant afford the full child support but pay $516.00 per month instead of $665.00. Now I have an arrears of $11k. My income ins about 25% of what it was when the court ordered child support.
1. Can I request a modification of support.
2. What can I ask them to do about the arrears
3. Do I have to travel 6 hours to court for this or is there any other way to resolve.
4. Do I have to submit any of my financial info to the judge before the court date
5. What documenation do I need to provide to help my case

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