How Do I Get My Child Support Back

My son is 3 years old and his mom left us when he was close to turning two years old. I received a letter from the department of revenue stating that I owe back support for a little over $2,000. That was in December of 2009. Then they started deducting around $65 dollars a week from my pay. That means I'm supporting his mother and still has to support my son who lives with me. What can I do?

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When was the case started
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hi sir,

We need to know when did the mother start a child support case against you. Was it before or after she left. Please respond via the post.


by: Anonymous

Wow so my husband is not the only man who pays child support on a child that lives with him. I think it would be as simple as pulling school records if the child is of school age but instead Ohio courts and Ohio child support continue to make you guys support these moms who don't even have nor want there kids. Too bad it just took her signing a paper to get the support yet we need a lawyer and pay almost 2grand just for them to stop the child support. WHAT A SYSTEM

in a perfect world
by: Matthew Gorham

Its seems right that the system should automatically be joint-custody 50/50 shared placement everywhere in the country with no child support order. That way everyone is started on an equal base and if changes are felt they are needed then that partent will take court action, but atleast then niether the mother or father is being denied any rights to their child.

All for the mothers!
by: Anonymous

These people dont care about fathers its a money game child support gets a piece too why you think they say it has to go through them to count? Keep the man done and take 60% of your money and put you in jail after you loose your job in a resession. Gotta love how it works!!

by: Keith Brooks

Typical. My friend had to pay $350 a month for a child that lived with him and it took 6 months of fighting with child support, court dates to be set and him to prove, with school records, that his daughter lived with him. Then child support said he had to suit the mother to get the money back, even after they took the money, they refused to pay it back.

Me, they wouldn't help me collect or establish a claim against my ex-wife, but as soon as she got the kids they were a knocking at my door.

My ex-wife abandoned the children when my youngest was 16 moved overseas and spent the money on herself never even calling the children and what did child support say? I gotta pay.

I will leave the usa when this is done and never pay another dime in taxes....This is unjust.

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