How Do I Get Georgia To Enforce Child Support?

by Angela

I live in Alabama, and my ex lives in Georgia. He agreed to pay me $75.00/wk in child support because at the time of our divorce he worked for himself and did not pay taxes! He never payed! I went to my DHR, and applied for help with enforcing my child support. They helped get action started, but he still did not pay regular. Alabama sent my case to Georgia to get help. Georgia took over my case. This was a few YEARS ago. He went to court, and the Judge ordered him to pay the $75.00/wk plus $25.00/wk in arrears, or backpay. He has only payed $400.00 total a month just a couple of times. Georgia finally locked him up in December 2008. He got out after a couple of weeks, and still has not payed the total amount /wk or monthly. He will turn 44 years old next month, and lives with his parents. He has always lived with his parents. He owns heavy equipment, dump truck, etc. and works every week. He has NO BILLS to pay. He goes to truck stops and stores, and plays cherry machines for hours inserting $20 bills. This is accurate information and I have the proof.

He tells me that he will never pay child support, and says that Georgia will never do anything about it. At this time I have had to move in with my parents because I do not make enough to pay my bills, and have had to turn to help from DHR to get Food Stamps to feed my child. I do not have money for Attorney fees to do anything about my child support. I just keep hoping that Georgia will step up, and do something about him. He has payed me $50.00 in the last 3 months! Why hasn't anyone payed this any attention?? I call my case worker, and he says he has sent Georgia memos, and tried to contact them. I tried to call Georgia myself, (the child support hotline) and they tell me that they cannot give me any information on my own case. What is it going to take for Georgia to do anything about this??

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What A Terrible Shame!
by: Child Support America Team Member

Hello Angela,

What a shame that your ex is acting in this manner. I do need to know what state the case was originally opened in, and why it was transferred. Also, I would check out our VIP Memberships link on the left. It explains what to do about your situation. It’s a new program we are developing to give our visitors some extra help with their child support circustances. We receive tons of submissions, and VIP members get first priority and extra benefits. We only have a limited number of memberships available, so act fast if you are interested.

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Atlanta child support is a Joke!
by: Anonymous

I filed for child support for my two kids 9 years ago and yet still have seen a dime. Brandon Thomas the non custodial parent has a nice home, nice new Infinti truck and I yet still have gotten anything from him. Now child support told me that the case has not been offically established meaning that they cant serve him (running from them) and have not set a court date to award me child support. They wont suspend his license. Nothing! Its been 9 years my daughter turns 10 in April! I have even had a custody hearing that I won and where child support was to be determined by Georgia and they still haent done anything. That court hearing was in Feb. of 2011.The paperwork was even sent to child support in Atlanta. I also give then numerous addresses, ss number and license number. They are ridiculous here and Mayor Kasim Reed needs to get on them about their jobs.

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