How do I get child support removed

by Otis
(Norfolk, VA)

The mother of my child claims that she wants to take me off child support but the child support people said "the judge signed it saying i couldn't take it off unless u stop working etc." Not sure if I believe her but I'm in Iraq and it's hard to get information together over here. She is in GA but the order is from VA. So assuming she is telling the truth, what would she have to do in order to stop the support stopped? I have no problem takin care of him because he's coming to live with me when I return but I can't pay for child care and child support at the same time. Plus I read that it could take up to 6 months to get the order reviewed and I want him immediately upon my return in a couple of months.

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18yr old Daughter living w/boyfriend and their two small kids.
by: Anonymous

I'm a NYC resident. I've been paying child support since 2004. My daughter is an 18yr old. She moved out of her mother's custodial home to move in w/her boyfriend and their two small kids. She lives in Arizona.

Now I've received a notification from the court support agency stating that my support obligation are going up. I cant afford any more cuts I have my mate and a young son the I too support. Please if someone can give me some info pertaining to this matter it will be of much help.

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