How Do I Get Child Support Judgment Removed

by curt
(charles city ia usa)

My child support payments have been paid in full and need to know what I need to do to get the judgment removed from my credit.

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Credit Agency
by: Child Support America Team Member


You may have to contact the credit reporting agency and ask the protocol. You may be required to supply documentation along with a notarized letter requesting the information be removed from your credit report. Have you contacted the agency?


researched the law
by: curt

I found the Iowa law it requires a party who is entitled to a judgment to acknowledge satisfaction of the judgment by execution of an instrument referring to it, duly acknowledge and file in the clerk of court in the very county where the judgement is a lien. A party who fails to do so within 30 days after receiving written request shall be subject to a $100. penalty plus reasonable attorney fees incurred by the requesting party. So I sent a certified letter stating the law to my exwife and will up date how it all tuns out. I'm going to see if I can get the state to send the notice to the ex's on behalf of all the finished child supporters in Iowa. All good people shouldn't have such a hard time after all those years.

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