How do I get back child support from Ex in another state

by Mike M.

I have had my son since he was 9 years old and got full custody. She runs from the Child Support Division and pays NO CS at all and they do nothing. Due to her not showing up for court and her doing drugs she only got supervised visits and lost the arrearage.

Leaving me only the State amount owed. The State CS Rep. wrote the contract for the Judgement of ONLY State amount owed at $50.per month. They would not accept that at CS Office and over rode the Court Order of the Judge. The Judge will not do anything about it, saying they can not do that.

She has moved to Indiana to get away from CS. No contact information and the State of Missouri (where I live) is going after me for the arrearage. The prosecutor says it is a conflict of interest and he is busy going after me and that is why he can not go after her.

She has not seen my son since the court date. I have no money left due to not being able to work because they take my Drivers License. This is such a mess and she keeps adding to it.How am I supposed to fix this?

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V.I.P. Question
by: CSA Staff

Dear Mike,

Thank you for sharing your Child Support Situation. We wish you well in handling your specific case.

It really sounds like you should contact your local county Legal aid office and see if you qualify for an attorney. Either to help with getting your license and arrearages worked out, or for taking your ex back for contempt. You also may want to seek out a "Free" consultation from a Family Law attorney to see what you can do on your end to get the order against her enforced, and about getting your drivers license reinstated.

Also, try calling your local child support office and asking some questions. Some states offer a "License reinstatement day". If you pay half of a payment they may re issue your license. This is a temporary fix BUT, at least you will have your license and can work to eventually pay for an attorney.

Your situation needs to be hashed out through a judge AND OR magistrate. It is really sad how circumstances can slip through the cracks and some of these situations seem so unfair. We wish you the best and keep us updated with any questions or news.

CSA Staff

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