How do I get a waiver or assistance

by Tina
(Baltimore MD)

Hello, I am writing on behalf of my brother. My brother is 48 yo and had three children with his now ex wife. He left the family and was on drugs and alcohol and ultimately incarcerated many times. We did not hear from my brother for over 20 years, recently he has contacted us and wants to make it right. While out there my dad died and my grandmother and he was not there. His children are now grown and we as a family have always helped in taking care of them as this was the right thing to do. Whenever he was out of jail he worked and they took money from his checks, so each year he paid something contentiously for roughly 4-6 months until he binged again. He has been clean now for 3 years and trying to do the right thing. He is a chef and can work however he cn not get a license so he can work two jobs one for child support one to live off.

His license was taken in 1986 and since that time he has been getting jobs when not high or incarcerated and he believes he owes almost 200k. The interest rate and a minimum paying job he will be paying forever, and I want to know what can we as a family do to help him. We do not have the money else we would do that but we want him to continue to stay clean and sober and not feel like it is a no win situation. He knows he needs to pay and we were wondering if their is a way to get it reduced, establish payments and than he can get his license. Is this reasonable or possible. Any and all information you can provide would be helpful.

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