How do I file a formal/informal complaint against DCSE Norfolk, VA.

by George
(Phoenix, AZ)

Have an ongoing issue with DCSE Norfolk, VA. When my third oldest child graduated high school in June 2011. I mailed my paperwork to DCSE to have my case reviewed and have my child support amended from two children to one child.

Although I made a trip to DCSE to have my case worker review my case in early 2012. On Dec 2012, I submitted my change of address and request for review since I was moving to Phoenix, AZ. This time I ensured that I got a time stamp on my paperwork, and with a few phone calls to them; my case manager finally decided to call me after I got heated.

She claims that they dont have my finances joined with my other paperwork.
In month of January 2013, I continue to call but they are busy so I get stuck talking to the receptionist. She tells me that it will take 180 days before they get an answer to may case.

Get same response, then at times I get passed onto another lady. To make a long story short, I get a petition from the court that DCSE filed. But it was for a correction for an initial hearing back in Mar 2007. Still think that this was a delay tactic by DCSE. When my court hearing took place on Feb 20, 2013.

I received the corrected Mar 2007 but nothing that shows the corrections nor petition which when I called DCSE stated that I will not get one. They stated that they mailed me a paperwork after paperwork, but I have yet to receive anything; in addition, I don't get my quarterly statements.

Last week they told me that I can appeal but it wont do me any good. Is there a way I could fight this and have it backdated to June 2011 since DCSE did not take action and now I have to continue paying $677.00 for one child.

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