How do I collect child support?

by Cynthia A. Harris
(Gulfport, MS)

Ex is behind $2,000.00 on child support and is showing signs that this will continue. I'm his third EX-wife and have seen this pattern in the past with his daughter from his second marriage and know that he will not catch up or make his current monthly payments. I need to have his wages garnished to keep on track with monthly payments of $500 and to also collect the arrears. I'm also having difficulty collecting for oldest sons braces (Oldest son is 12 and youngest son is 8). Orthodontics office is willing to work with us and separate the costs in half.

I have set my side up with initial down payment and a payment plan, but Ex will not comply (per divorce papers, all medical (currently have children on CHIPS program in Mississippi), dental, vision, etc. expenses to be split 50/50). Orthodontics is not covered by CHIPS. Ex states that braces are not an "Emergency" and "his time frame is not good". I do not have any money to obtain an attorney. I am still paying for my divorce (which took place in July 2009). I am trying to research and see what I can do on my own or to see if there are any State Agencies that can assist me with these issues.

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