How Do I Collect Child Support

by N. Kimber
(Atlanta GA USA)

My ex-wife lost custody of our two children, in Texas because of endangerment, and her drug abuse. My ex-in-laws took the children to VA. Texas ordered them to be returned to me, and also ordered my ex-wife to pay child support. My ex-wife hasn't paid a dime, she was evicted, from her apartment, her parents who are wealthy are paying her way, and she is living with them. My ex-wife says she has such major problems with her mental health, and is incapable of holding any-type of job, so she, shouldn't have to support her children. Her parents want to see and speak to the children that hasn't been refused, even through they do and say things, which I have asked them not to. They say they will clear up all her outstanding debts, except her child support, and since she hasn't a job I cannot do anything to her. Is there a law for one and not the other?

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