How Do I Collect Child Support From An Unemployed Ex Wife

My wife and I have recently divorced. We have two kids ages 10 and 7. She has moved away to Georgia to live with a soldier in the military that she is not married to. She only sees the kids about 4 times a year as she opted to leave them in my custody. She is living solely off of this man that she has moved in with because she is unemployed and living with him and his 4 kids. She has said that I can file her on my taxes in order to receive any type of refund that I may be eligible for to be able to support the kids. Other than this, she has made no offer to contribute towards, birthdays, holidays, schooling, activities or any other events that may come up in the kids lives. What I am needing to know is that in my situation, how do I receive the child support that for my kids that I am desperately in need of so that I will be able to support ALL of their needs that I have been left in a bind with due to her absence?

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What You Can Do
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your question. We recommend that you obtain a child support order in the state that you and the children are residing in. You can call your local child support office and apply to start receiving child support. A representative will help guide you through the process. Another option you may want to consider is hiring an attorney to file the paperwork for you.

If an order is established than that will force your wife to begin making payments. If she chooses to not pay then arrearages will occur and that will begin to cause many problems for her. Again you will have to file in the state the children reside in. Not the state that she currently lives in. Make sure that you have her current address and all of her information to help speed the process along. Was there a child support order established in your divorce decree? Do you have court ordered full custody of the children?


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